An air-to-air overhead front view of
an SR-71A. Note the water vapor, condensed by the low-pressure vortices generated by the chines outboard of
each engine inlet.

close up of SR-71  nose
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close up of SR-71 tail
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SR-71 Blackbird -  Eldon's Run by Hal McCormick
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    SR-71 Blackbird "Eldon's Run" by Hal McCormick    

18 x 24 in.,
Limited edition, signed by artist............................................$49.00
(In continental U.S. only)



SR-71 Blackbird "Eldon's Run" by Hal McCormick


On July 28, 1976, SR-71A, tail #958, established the new world absolute speed record of 2193 MPH. Piloted by Captain Eldon W. Joersz, the aircraft was a standard operational model with no special modifications.

Known to possibly exceed 3,000+ mph and 86,000 ft., the futuristic looking SR-71 Blackbird, to say the least, has made a major impact on high altitude reconnaissance. In fact, the camera on board can photograph your car's license plate while you are driving.

It’s said that designer Kelly Johnson made his first design on the back of a napkin while having lunch with fellow designers from the Skunk Works.

The art work, Eldon’s Run, portrays the record setting closed course run that flew over California, Arizona, and Nevada, taking off and returning to Beale AFB in California.

When Hal completed the original to Eldon's Run, I accompanied him to Lockheed Aircraft Company, where he was given four thumbs up by an SR-71 design engineer and an SR-71 pilot, for his accuracy of the painting.

The limited edition lithograph is signed by the artist (Hal McCormick) and includes a Certificate of Authenticity that gives the background of the flight, a biography of the artist, a map of the flight path, and a photocopy of the letter and license sanctioning the event. CLICK HERE TO VIEW This speed record still holds to this day for a closed course flight.





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