Burt Rutan designed

Voyager Aircraft,

on test flights over

the Mojave Desert

in Southern California

Voyager on display at the National Air and Space Museum, in Washington, D.C..



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Voyager aircraft flying over the Mojave Desert  
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    Voyager Over Mojave Desert    
16 x 20 in., Photo, unframed, signed.......................................................395.00


Signed by Pilots - Jeana Yeager, Dick Rutan, and designer - Burt Rutan


In this photograph of the Burt Rutan designed Voyager Aircraft, we see the Voyager on test flights over the Mojave Desert in Southern California.

The contrast of this stark white aircraft against the natural colors of the desert, make it hard to resist the ownership of this piece.

Signed by pilots Jeana Yeager and Dick Rutan, it took a pot of Kelly's homemade stew to accomplish the third signature, that of designer Burt Rutan. (Locations of signatures may vary from image shown.)

Also, on the back of this Voyager photograph are the overall dimensions, dimensions of the cockpit, cabin and the weights.


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