One of the most

daring episodes of

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MIG-17 remarque
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Hand-Drawn Remarques

F-105D Thunderchief
F-105 D Thunderchief REMARQUE
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Pardo's Push  
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    "Pardo's Push" by S.W.Ferguson    
26 1/4 x 40 1/2 in., Limited edition, signed by artist, signed by pilots, w/ REMARQUES..... *** SOLD ***

Signed by the artist and signed by the pilots, Bob Pardo, and Earl Arman

Hand-drawn Remarques !

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You want to talk about a hard piece of artwork to find, well did we score a bullseye, not only finding the artwork of the two F-4 Phantoms, but it is also signed by the pilots, Bob Pardo, and Earl Arman, and has two hand done remarques - one of an F105 Thunderchief and the other a MIG 17.

This has to be one of the most unusual events to take place in the history of aviation. Talk about skills and nerves of steel.

On March 10, 1967, as the last element of the 8th TFW, 433rd TFS, was bombing the Thai Nguygen steel mills near Hanoi, North Vietnam, Captain Earl Arman's F-4 was severely damaged by anti-aircraft fire. It was certain the aircraft would run out of fuel and Arman and his backseater would eject over North Vietnam. Squadron buddy, Captain Bob Pardo did not accept that fate, and after critically analyzing their options, he gambled: He would push Arman's damaged Phantom, by its tailhook, into Laos. Pardo's F-4 had also been hit, and it too ran out of fuel, two minutes after watching Arman and his backseater eject. All four airmen parachuted into the jungle and were later rescued.





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