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15th Air Force emblem

Herschel "Herky" Green
Herschel "Herky" Green flew P-40s,
P-47s, and P-51s with the 317th Squadron, 325th Fighter Group, and with
18 confirmed kills, became one of
the few American pilots to rank as
an ace in two different aircraft.

Silver Star service medal
By the end of Green's career in 1944, he had flown over 100 missions, received the Silver Star, Distinguished Service Cross, and two Distinguished Flying Crosses.



Fearsome Foursome by Mike Machat
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  P-47 Thunderbolt "Fearsome Foursome" by Mike Machat  
Signed by Pilot Herschel H. "Herky" Green

18 x 24 in., Limited Edition, Artist Proof, Signed by Artist, Signed by Pilot..$81.25



P-47 Thunderbolts "FEARSOME FOURSOME"

Its usually hard to do anything art-wise with a P-47, but Mike pulled a rabbit out of his hat with the Fearsome Foursome. His in-depth research and sense of detail come together forming a dramatic scene of history.

January 30, 1944 marked a significant moment in 15th Air Force history, as six heavy bomb groups and 60 P-47s successfully carried out major strikes on enemy targets in the Villaorba and Udine areas of Northern Italy. The bombers took off first and set out on a high-altitude mission while the Thunderbolts launched out over the Adriatic Sea at such low altitude that their prop tips were kicking up ocean spray. Arriving at the coastline precisely on schedule, they climbed and headed for their first target - a German airfield launching aircraft to attack the heavy bombers.

Mike Machat’s dramatic painting depicts Captain Herschel H. Green leading the four-ship “A” Flight of Republic P-47D-15RE Thunderbolts into a second low-level strafing run as intense ground fire erupts around them. Enemy Do 217s, Macchi 202s, and Ju-52s tried to scramble back to their home base, but Green and his wingmen, 2nd Lt. George P. Novotny, F/O Cecil O. Dean, and F/O Edsel Paulk, prevented 15 of them from ever reaching safety. A total of 37 enemy aircraft fell to the Checkertail Clan that day.



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