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Talon by Hal McCormick

We are saddened to report that Hal McCormick, long time friend and business associate, passed away a few weeks ago. We will always miss him and his talents.We feel that Hal's finest work and if he were here he would agree as well, is his T-38 Talon.

" Hal McCormick was an absolute genius from the old school of illustrating, a group we had all aspired to be included in someday. What an inspiration, his work was trend setting and breakthrough in so many ways I can't count them. He will be missed, but his work remains. Rest Hal."
- Craig Kodera

"Sorry to learn of Hal's passing, as he was really one of the pioneers of our industry and he epitomized the term "professional illustrator." I remember his stories about working at Ford back in the day, and how proud he was of that effort. Although I never knew Hal all that well, he was always very well respected by us younger guys. Sadly, another era has ended."
- Mike Machat

"Today I just found that my friend Hal McCormick had passed on to that Aviation Heaven in the sky.
I first met Hal in 1968 when he joined my flying club at the Torrance Airport,
in California. Hal was a accomplished pilot and a lot of fun to be with. We became the best of friends over the years and flew together to many places.
I still have 2 paintings he gave me about 30 or so years ago that I will keep and pass on to my boys. Hal was fun loving, and colorful, to say the least. I could never understand how he could create such works of art and casually pass it on as just another painting. We lost touch over the years, but I will always remember Hal and his phenomenal talent. I will bet you he is "soaring like a bird"-right now...... A fond goodbye to you Hal

Hale Benton
Las Vegas Nevada



Hal McCormick


Hal McCormick, whose professional career spans more than 30 years, has maintained a keen interest in aviation since his boyhood in Chicago. He began his career as a stylist at the Ford Motor, Co. in Dearborn, Michigan, later becoming a commercial car illustrator in Detroit and producing many national ad and catalog illustrations. Because of his deep interest in aviation, Mr. McCormick subsequently ventured to California, the hub of America’s aviation industry, to offer his talents.

Mr. McCormick has been a contributor to the Air Force Art Program since 1978. His original works may be seen at Beale AFB, George AFB, Nellis AFB, Hill AFB, Andrews AFB, the Pentagon and the China Lake Naval Weapons Center. In 1984, he was commissioned by First Interstate Bank of Nevada to create 5 paintings commemorating the 50 year history of the operation of the Air Force’s Fighter Weapons Center at Nellis AFB, Nevada, each painting representing a leading fighter aircraft of its decade. These works currently hang in the First Interstate Bank branch on Nellis, AFB.

Mr. McCormick’s deep-rooted interests in aviation finally led to his undertaking civilian flight training at age 38. He subsequently added commercial pilot, multi-engine and instrument ratings and has flown more than 2000 hours, professionally and privately in both his own and corporate aircraft which provided him with a deep understanding of the aviation environment evident in his art.

"Although I have not seen Hal for quite a few years, I recall him fondly as an old school art man with fine talent. The boy could paint and I can still marvel at his gigantic SR-71 painting I saw while in the Pentagon. We stayed up well into the night back then as we were both part of the Air Force art program in the 1980's. Hal did not tell me he had insomnia until about 4 in the morning when I finally had to beg off and get some sleep. I only wish in later years that we could have spent more time together."
- Dan Witkoff


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