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1957 Chevy takes flight

Limited Edition: A limited amount of lithographs or giclees will be produced. Usually all will be hand numbered and hand signed by the artist.

Special Edition: This can vary from artist to artist. But a little something extra can be done to a print, that separates it from the main edition, usually in the form of additional signatures or even remarques and perhaps a special accompanying booklet.

Publishers Proof:
Much the same as an artist proof, however these proofs are kept by the publisher of the print and usually in much smaller quantity, and in some cases for special release.

Artists Proof (A/P): Ideally, this is where the artist on Press Day, sits down at the press and watches the printing process, to make sure that the image is being printed in the manner in which he or she intended. If so, usually 10 % of the limited edition size is then set aside for the artist to sign and add the words "Artist Proof" or "A/P". Quite often these artist proofs are saved for the artist's personal collection, special clients or special occasions. There should be no difference in what the image looks like with regards to the balance of the limited edition.

Remarque: Is an original image hand drawn (usually in pencil) by the artist, that is added to a lithograph, giclee or artist proof to make it even more valuable and collectable.

Certificate of Authenticity: This is a certificate that essentially states that the lithograph, giclee, artist proof, or publisher's proof, is all that it should be, as stated in a sales sheet , website or any other form of advertisment. Size and content of the certificate can vary greatly from publisher to publisher and not all prints or collectables may even come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Why does that 57 Chevy keep appearing on our web-pages? We're not sure ourselves...

How can I search for my favorite aircraft, or pilot, or search by aviation era?
Go to our Aircraft Listing page, where all of our art pieces are listed by aircraft, pilot, and aviation era.

Do I need a PayPal account in order to pay online? No. You can pay online using your credit or debit card.

What are your shipping rates? All unframed art is shipped at a flat rate: 1 item $12 shipping charge, 2 items $18, 3 items $24, 4 or more items - FREE SHIPPING, and is shipped carefully rolled, in a sturdy tube, by United States Post Office Priority Mail.

All framed art is shipped by United States Post Office Priority Mail,valued up to $650.00 and shipped by UPS when values exceed $650.00. All framed art is shipped insured, and is boxed very carefully to avoid any foreseeable damage.

Where can I see some of your Aviation and Space Art on display? In the Southern California town of Temecula, at J. Gordon Specialties, 42072 Fifth St. #105, Temecula, Ca 92590, (951) 693-2599. Ask for John or Joyce.

What is... ?

Offset Lithography: A color negative or transparency is made of the original painting or drawing. The transparency is then separated into the four primary colors that surround us, in varying shades. These separations are united with the printing press, inks are added, paper is stacked at one end of the printing press, a button is pushed and at the the other end of the press you have the finished print or lithograph.

Giclee : (pronounced gee-clay) Is a high resolution continuous-tone reproduction of fine artwork. A giclée is a museum quality, 6 color ink jet print, directly applied to canvas, of a digitally scanned original oil painting. Long-life, fade resistant archival pigments are used in the printing as well as smooth weave acid free artist canvas, or lithographic quality paper. Recently, Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. announced their findings that, using proper care and lighting, giclée prints can retain their image quality for well over 100 years and in some cases 200-300 years. This process is able to reproduce over 90% of the visible color spectrum. This means that giclée printing can achieve colors that most printmakers and commercial litho printers cannot with traditional four color (CMYK, cyan, magenta, yellow, black) inks. The resulting images are so intense and life-like that it’s often difficult to distinguish the copy from the original painting.

Open Edition: An unlimited amount of prints produced to sell as long as the demand warrants.


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