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Jeannie by Denver Kissinger
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  Aviation Art P51 Mustang #69 "Jeannie" by Denver Kissinger    

20 x 30 in.
Limited Edition, Signed by Artist...................................................

23 x 35 in. Original still available. Acrylic on board. See Original HERE

FREE SHIPPING! (In continental U.S. only)

Aviation Art P51 Mustang #69 "Jeannie"


Number 69, Jeannie - This P-51 Mustang began its early racing career at the Cleveland Air Races in 1949 as number 77, The Galloping Ghost, with Steve Beville at the controls.

1969: The aircraft makes its first appearance at Reno as number 69, Miss Candace. The owner and pilot at this time was Dr. Cliff Cummins.
1970: Cliff Cummins and Miss Candace return to Reno with a modified low profile canopy for reduced drag, and clipped wings to improve cornering in the turns. Unfortunately, there is an engine malfunction, which necessitates a crash landing in the sagebrush. Though Cummins is uninjured, the plane suffers extensive damage.
1972: After two years of major repairs and modifications that included reducing the aircraft’s weight, replacing the canopy with a new smaller Formula 1 piece, and adding a smaller scoop in place of the stock scoop, Cummins and Miss Candace make another attempt to win the Championship. However, due to some confusion regarding qualifying procedures, the racer does not make the field for the Unlimited Gold, but instead is relegated to the lesser Unlimited Medallion, which it wins with comparative ease.






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