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"Going for the Gold" Remarque
"Going for the Gold " Remarque
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"...depicts the beginning of the Unlimited Championship
Final at the 1991
Reno Air Races."

- D.Kissinger

"Going for the Gold" closeup
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"Going for the Gold" by Denver Kissinger
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  Aviation Art 1991 Reno Air Races "Going for the Gold" by Denver Kissinger    
 28 x 38 in. Limited Edition, Signed by Artist................................................$139.00


28 x 38 in. Limited Ed., Signed by Artist, WITH REMARQUE................ $295.00

32 x 48 in. Original still available. Acrylic on board.......... See Original HERE



Aviation Art 1991 Reno Air Races "Going for the Gold"

Description: As the nine Unlimiteds charge down the “chute” at maximum power, the T-33 pace plane, leaving a marking trail from its wingtips, pulls up and away, beginning what some consider (for those who have witnessed it), the most exciting moment in all of motor sports racing, even including the start of the “Indianapolis 500”. This was the inspiration behind the piece created here, which depicts the beginning of the Unlimited Championship Final at the 1991 Reno Air Races. Former two-time Unlimited Champion, Steve Hinton, pilots the T-33 Red Knight pace plane, as another former Unlimited Champion, John Crocker, rides along as a passenger in the back seat. Gentlemen, you have a race!

The Unlimited pilots and planes represented in the artwork include the following:
Number 18: Tsunami, Pilot: Skip Holm (five time Unlimited Champion)
Number 77: Rare Bear, Pilot: Lyle Shelton (six time Unlimited Champion)
Number 7: Strega, Pilot: Bill Destefani (seven time Unlimited Champion)
Number 8: Dreadnought, Pilot: Dennis Sanders
Number 1: Super Corsair, Pilot: John Maloney
Number 45: Risky Business, Pilot: Bill Rheinschild
Number 101: Perestroika, Pilot: Bob Yancy
Number 66: Sea Fury, Pilot: Howard Pardue
Number 55: Pegasus, Pilot: Del Williams





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