"...the biplane,

our great defender

of the skies."

- Craig Kodera


closeup of Boeing P-12 Es
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Boeing P-12E Biplane
Boeing P-12E


Boeing P-12E Biplane "Springtime Flying in the Rockies" by Craig Kodera
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  Boeing P-12E Biplanes "Springtime Flying in the Rockies " by Craig Kodera  
16 1/2 " x 14" Limited Edition Artist Proof, Signed by Artist...............$285.00

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Signed by Artist

Boeing P-12E Biplanes "Springtime Flying in the Rockies"


I tell you what, if you didn't know it was a painting, you'd think Craig Kodera went back in time and took a picture with his camera. Sometimes its hard to decide whether his backgrounds are better than his airplanes.

"Spingtime Flying in the Rockies" sure captures those more carefree days of flying in an open cockpit of Boeing's P-12Es. The smell of oil and leather just gets you all warm and fuzzy. This piece is from Craig Kodera's personal collection.



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