"It's November 1943," Kodera says," and
these are two Douglas SBD-5's from Squadron VB-12 of the USS Saratoga. They are starting Operation Cherryblossom -
a maneuver which signaled the beginning of the end of the war in the Pacific."


closeup of WW II dive bombers  in Halsey's Surprise by Craig Kodera
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USS Saratoga
USS Saratoga

"Halsey's Surprise" by Craig Kodera
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  Douglas SBD-5 "Halsey's Surprise" by Craig Kodera  
16" x 13" Limited Edition Artist Proof, Signed by Artist...............$275.00

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Signed by Artist

Douglas SBD-5 "Halsey's Surprise"


Craig possesses a great deal of flight time, who else could capture all those vibrant colors? Best cloud painter on earth!! By the way, this Artist proof is from Craig's personal collection, as well as other artist proofs you'll be seeing on our website.


Bull Halsey
Vice Admiral William F. "Bull" Halsey
(left) and Admiral John S. McCain, Sr.


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