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test pilot

Tony LeVier!



closeup of P-38s in AM Sortie by Craig Kodera
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Test Pilot Tony LeVier
Tony LeVier, Lockheed Test Pilot

AM Sortie by Craig Kodera  
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    Lockheed P-38J "A.M. Sortie" by Craig Kodera    

23" x 15 1/2" Limited Edition Artist Proof, Signed by Artist and Pilot...............SOLD!!!

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Signed by Artist and Signed by Test Pilot - Tony LeVier

Lockheed P-38J "A.M. Sortie"


Here Craig Kodera has done it again, capturing those early morning sunrise hues as the Lockheed P-38J's fly over the California coast.

In addition to being a beautiful piece of artwork, we are all very lucky and greatful that Craig was able to get one of the most beloved test pilots aviation history has ever known - Tony LeVier - to add his signature,

What a great life for Tony, flying P-38s, F-80 Shooting Stars, F-104 Starfighters, U-2 Spy Planes, Air Racers, and commercial airliners.

Tony is gone now,but his accomplishments and memory will never be forgotten. Thanks Craig, and thanks Tony. This piece is from Craig Kodera's personal collection.



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