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Pappy Boyington

Pappy Boyington signature

Blacksheep squadron

VMF-214 Marine Corps Squadron patch

Blacksheep Squadron and Pappy Boyington

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    Military Collectibles - Pappy Boyington and Blacksheep    
15 x 48 in., framed, matted, signed by pilot Pappy Boyington...................................SOLD OUT. HOWEVER WE DO HAVE THE FIXINS TO PUT TOGETHER SOMETHING SIMILAR.

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Military Collectibles - Pappy Boyington and Blacksheep


This is the largest of the Blacksheep montages we have ever seen to date.

Always a character, Greg "Pappy" Boyington was the leader of a band of misfits in the Pacific during W.W. II.

In this framed collectible we find a photograph of the Blacksheep taken on one of those Pacific Islands. Next, we see a VMF-214 Marine Corps Squadron patch, an American flag shoulder patch, the signature of Pappy, brief description text, a Marine Corps aviation patch, a set of Marine Corps wings, and finally, a closeup of Pappy in the cockpit of his F-4U Corsair. Truly a unique piece.

This wonderful piece is double matted with acid free mat boards. Front and back. Ultraviolet light proof plexiglass is used to prevent fading and prevent damage should the piece ever fall. It will not break or damage during shipping.

Black anodized metal framing is used for strength and to prevent chipping.

Personally designed and custom framed by our framer, who has over 30 years of experience, which means the mat cuts are to the point and do not run past each other and the frame corners meet where they should.

Pappy Boyington -  Blacksheep Squadron




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